The Only Distraction is the View

Kasiks Wilderness Resort is the perfect escape from the everyday. Enjoy being on a vacation where you feel like you're a thousand miles away from your own backyard. In the summer, take a walk through the Old Growth Forest, enjoy roasting marshmallows around a campfire. In the winter, find a trail and snow shoe, hit the slopes at Shames Mountain, or just sit back and relax watching a movie in the lounge.

Some call the Kasiks River the most beautiful river in the world; serene wilderness, numerous waterfalls, and outstanding fishing. The river is a tributary of the famous Skeena River, a two-minute walk from the Kasiks Lodge. Both rivers are a short walk from the Resort, with the Exchamsiks River just a five-minute drive away and the China Bar just an eight-minute drive away. Mount Salvus and the Kasiks Mountain Range provide a spectacular backdrop, some peaks reaching over 2,000 meters.

You can enjoy our tranquil wilderness playground anytime of the year!

Come Stay With Us

We're open all year-round and give you plenty of reasons to visit during any season. We have camping, hiking, and tours in the summer. You'll enjoy snow-shoeing and skiing in the winter. Let's not forget the fishing: it's excellent here all through the year!

Looking for that special place to hold your meeting? We take pride in taking superior care of our small meeting and retreat guests. All retreats are individually planned and packaged to meet your special needs and fit within your budget. Nestled in the heart of BC's beautiful mountains, our location is perfect for 'getting away from it all.'

Big Rigs will find ample parking. We have fuel on site (regular, marine, diesel) and ice.

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