Kasiks Wilderness Resort is located on the doorstep of the Skeena River. Long known as the "River of Mist" The Skeena is the second largest river system in BC and is world renown for its amazing fishing. The Skeena has produced many record size Steelhead, Coho and Chinook salmon including a World record 92 pound Chinook.

Coho Salmon

The Skeena river and its many tributaries are fortunate to get many of these "silver" beauties. Early in the season (mid August) the Coho are of average size, around 10-15 pounds, but later in the season (October) the larger Coho appear. These Coho, commonly called "northerns" for their distinctive hooked nose known as the "northern nose" can tip the scales at 20 + pounds. A record 27 pound Coho was caught on the Kasiks River which is just down the road from us. Coho are well known for their jumping and tumbling giving any fisherman the fight they're looking for.

Chinook Salmon

Come and fish for the King of salmon, The Chinook. Some of the worlds largest Chinook come from the Skeena River, with an average weight around 20-50 pounds and plenty caught every year in the 60-70 pound range. You may even catch the elusive 100 pound monster!


Whether it's fly-fishing from shore or hot shotting by driftboat, there's nothing like the explosive action of a Steelhead. They are members of the trout family with an average size around 10-15 pounds and every year there are steelhead pulled out of the Skeena in excess of 25 pounds.

The Skeena is home to many different types of Salmon:

Fishing Seasons of the Skeena

While fishing you will be exposed to some of the most pristine natural areas of the world, often, you will be treated to the view of deer, moose, bears, elk, bald eagles, and other wildlife. While visiting in the summer you will experience endless hours of summer daylight.